Meet Compono Software Developer, Lyn

Senior Full Stack Software Developer tells us about her role - the highlights, the challenges and what's she's looking forward to next.

How to attract and retain employees in the post-pandemic era

Much has been written about the ‘Great Resignation’. But while significant focus has been placed on the ‘departing’ aspects of the resignations, little has been said about the opportunities this can also present for employers. 

Microlearning Modules: Tiny Training that Packs a Punch

Henno Kotze, Senior Instructional Designer at Compono, tells us why microlearning is the perfect learning format for today’s time-poor workplace.

Designing visuals for effective learning

Although Graphic Design involves creative thinking, it also requires careful problem solving and analytical thinking. A good designer will get in the heads of users and think about how to encourage them to engage with the content in an optimal way.

Compono appoints Trent Innes as CEO to lead next phase of growth

Ex-Xero Australia and Asia Managing Director brings over 20 years of experience in business scale up expertise to Compono

How Hiring Can Make or Break Your Business

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in my Temando journey is the need to both attract and retain strong talent. To ensure that those hired have the necessary characteristics to succeed in the relevant roles, and don’t just look good on paper and present well in an interview.

How to create an engaged workforce

We have known for decades that engaged employees are more productive. Research shows that employees that are most committed to their organisations put in 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to leave than employees who said they were disengaged.

Culture is king, so why doesn’t recruitment reflect that?

Everyone knows culture is all-important, but most recruitment processes don’t reflect that. In fact, a typical organisation’s recruitment would make you think that culture is an afterthought – a tiebreaker that’s used to distinguish between the final top candidates rather than informing who should be a top candidate. How did we get here, and what should we do to turn it around?

Compono appoints Peter Scott as Chief Product Officer

Former ELMO Product Strategy Director joins Compono to help drive global growth through developing innovative talent hiring, development and retention products.

The Six Learning Science Principles We Live By

Instructional design is the complex interplay between the instructor, the learner, and the medium that supports learning of new knowledge or skills. It’s a craft underpinned by principles of learning science. In this post, instructional designer Henno Kotze, looks at several learning science principles that underpin the learning and development at Compono.

My best ever (virtual) onboarding experience

Onboarding new staff virtually can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. If you get it right, it can be seamless and leave you new employee feeling prepared and excited to begin their new role. Read on as Cathy explains what made her onboarding experience at Compono so great.

5 steps in creating a winning culture

An effective organisational culture results in a high-performing company, while an ineffective culture results in internal conflict and poor performance. Knowing how to create a culture that will produce the performance you want is a key attribute of leadership and an important component of good stewardship.