How the Coffee Club successfully balanced the hiring needs of head office with franchise partners.

Part of our Intelligent Hiring Masterclass Series.


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Nikki Ward, Group HR Manager of The Coffee Club joins Rudy Crous, Corporate Psychologist and Co-founder of Compono, to discuss how The Coffee Club was able to overcome its hiring challenges, including; creating a consistent hiring process across The Coffee Club franchises, encouraging teams to adopt new technology and creating a consistent customer experience

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Participating Speakers

Nikki Ward

Group HR Manager, Minor DKL

As the Group HR Manager at Minor DKL (The Coffee Club), Nikki is passionate about helping people unlock their potential and creating a strong company culture. She is focused on transforming the way franchises within The Coffee Club hire and create a streamlined process.

Rudy Crous

Co-founder & EVP - Talent & Operations, Compono

Rudy the Co-Founder of Compono and a Corporate Psychologist. He is passionate about people and how they engage with work and has worked extensively with businesses to improve their people systems and organisational cultures.

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